Top Center is not the place to be

Hi all, looking for some help.

I was cutting out a set of parts and trying to use the full sheet of plywood height. As I was cutting along the top edge, when the sled got to the center, I got the ‘sled is not keeping up with expected position’, then (I’m paraphrasing) ‘known lengths of chains is missing’.

Of course, this is at the end of a 3 day run on the panel.

I do have the old quadrilateral sled on this. My question is - is this a one time thing, or will this continue to happen? I’m working on upgrading the sled, but was hoping to finish this project with the current one.


It seems that most of the time the error occurs, it is because the sled is a the top of the frame. To me, this points to a power supply issue (or issue with the ability to supply power). I suspect that either the power supply cannot provide the necessary current (some people have upgraded their power supply. click here) or, if the motor controller is hot, it might be more susceptible to not being able to provide the necessary power. There’s some commmunity-based work on a new motor controller board that might help the problem (click here).


The original sled puts a lot more tension on the chains at the top of the sheet than the newer designs which allow the chains to rotate down to the sides of the router.

As a short term work around I would recommend trying to cut slower. Like @madgrizzle said the issue is that the motors are working really hard at the top of the sheet there, and slowing them down a little will make it easier on them