The cutting shape is weird [solved]

I just start using Maslow cnc. yesterday.
My first cut is not right. but I don’t know what is wrong.

I will try to re-calibrate.
Does someone know the solution?

Sorry it isn’t working. That is super frustrating. I will hazard a couple guesses that you can verify: it appears the sled is catching as it rounds from the right side down along the bottom of the circle. Where is this circle positioned on the board? (lower left?) is the sled catching on the frame? on the bottom? If so, the problem would likely not be concentric as it is shown. Is the frame shallower than 15 degrees from vertical? Is the board really rough and the sled really rough? It could also be an indication that the sled is sticking and as it gets to that point in the circle, the sled sticks and rotates. Is the bottom smooth? Is there a tip of a screw sticking out that is catching? If the router isn’t centered in the ring, its rotation can shift the bit. My assumption (and it very well could be wrong) is that it isn’t likely a calibration problem because it would be more oval shaped if the system was off. If the chain skipped a tooth, it will skew all of the circle and not just give you a corner. The fact that it does it on both circles though may refute that. A video would help. Check your sled surface and your work piece surface.

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Thank you for answering. I will check everything.

It’s position is left top. I don’t know how to move the position cam file yet.

I checked my video file, It seems like center of gravity is wrong. I will move right brick to the right side after work.

Thank you again.

In GroundControl, long-press somewhere on the board, then “Set Home” will move your planned cut around.

You can also jog the sled around, and “Set Home” when you’re happy with the placement.

Actions -> Move to Center will bring the sled back to center if you want, and you can re-“Set Home” once it’s there to go back to the original home position in the center.

It is solved.

My sled balance are not match left and right.
So, I adjusted left and right brick for the balance.

Now, working good.

Thank you for helping me.


Glad you fixed it!

Thanks for finding the problem and especially for reporting the solution.

Now, I understood. I did it. Thank you!