Cnc painting mod?

Just wondering if anyone has tried using maslow to paint? As in a brush or airbrush… I’m thinking a gravity fed brush of some type. I just learned of Maslow cnc today and I’ve got ideas running through my head already.

Hey, I just had a new idea… What about a calligraphy pen??

The biggest problem is that the sled rests on the surface of the workpiece. So unless you can dry the paint in milliseconds, then you’ll just get smudges. Pens will work since they dry nearly instantly. However, there are “Mark 2” versions that incorporate a gantry system that keeps the Maslow above the workpiece… It’s not a kitted project (completely DIY) but if you search the forum, you’ll be able to find it.

there is a you tube video showing a maslow like machine using spray cans of paint
there is a marker based kickstarter machine that draws stuff
so it can be done, but used 48" wide inkjet printers are probabaly cheaper and less frustarting to do largeformat work.

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While I agree with the two responses above, I love the fresh ideas. Part of what makes the Maslow ecosystem so interesting is all the users trying things and reporting back to the community!

as someone who gives a lot of “that won’t work because…” type of answers, I’ll
point out:

A person saying something can’t be done should not interrupt a person who is
doing it.

working hardware trumps theory

so while we explain the problem we expect you to run into, we will be thrilled
to have you come back and say “I didn’t it anyway, and here’s how it worked”

David Lang


You can use the calligraphy pen in the pen holder on here. It definitely will draw and I have proven that. The medium is what you need to figure out. You can even use paint pens. We use it to lay out borders with a marker and then paint it by hand.
If you are painting A small area then you could widen the size of the sled and essentially make a huge donut. Then mount everything floating over the middle and mounted on the edge. That would give you more area to move and not touch your painted area.
I don’t think you would be able to use gravity due to the angle. However, you could use something pressurized. Look into pressurized paint mediums. Maybe even an airbrush?

This below could be adapted. You could get one of the programmers here to turn the z axis into a trigger pull to essentially paint. Good luck.

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is this real-time? i would like to make this on my maslow but there is gonna be some tinkering with the “paint-output” because the maslow (mkII) is way to slow now to not let the paint drip. great idea tough