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Create Art with your Maslow

Hi All

Anyone adapted their Maslow to paint/draw art like this?

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Absolutely, but it might be overkill. You could probably buy a cheaper drawing robot kit.

Search for “polar drawing robot”, there’s a number of drawing devices.

Typically there will be two motor assemblies that can be wall mounted, a string or bead chain attached to each of them, and something holding a pen or other drawing object in the middle. Certainly the maslow mechanism could be adapted, but it’s not really suited to moving around to different walls and drawing surfaces, the firmware doesn’t easily change dimensions (it’s designed for a fixed frame, not to be pinned to a wall), and made for relatively heavy routers and not light pens or drawing mechanisms. Iirc there was somebody painting art on the outside of buildings with a drawbot style machine, so they scale well from office paper to architectural sizes.