Is this possible

Is it possible to make thus on Maslow5851501


Depending on size, it can be possible.

If the carved sections are large enough that the sled can’t sit on two flat surfaces across the carved section, you will not get the results you are looking for.

but isnt a svg file basically just 2D

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What size is that? I tend to think you’ll find such intricate carving a bit too detailed for Maslow if it’s a fairly small size. Maslow is really designed to work on a larger scale (4-foot x 8-foot) and some trade-offs are made with accuracy to achieve that scale. A desktop CNC, that uses stepper motors/spindle probably would be your best bet.


My guess is that with a screw on a router not.
With a c-beam and a spindle, yes.
The diameter of your sled should be a bit more then half of the width? of your ‘frame’ to secure that it does not catch on cut out paths and rides smoothly.
“Bump-map to g-code” is a simpler way to create that design, that requires a greyscale image translating brightness to height. SVG is not the best tool for it, although i’ve seen it done with different colours.
The software side seems more challenging for me then the hardware.
Usually there is also at least 2 tool changes, 1 for a roughing part taking away most material and the finishing part with a ‘round-tip-bit’.

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i use solid works and maker cam dailey at work and then sigmanest to create G code but didnt know if maslow could cut something like that

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Is capable of what is irritatingly called 2.5D.
If you would drill 4 exact holes in the 4 corners of your sheet that you could flip it precise, Maslow would do 3D if the gaps/groves are not to big and the right hardware. MakerCam has no chance to do what you are after.

Maslow (at least in it’s original form) is not able to do Z-Axis motion while it’s doing x/y - axis motion. So unless you make hundreds of step down cuts with a very small end mill you can consider it a 2-d CNC. I call it 2.5-D! :rofl: The photo you posted looks 3-D to me.
Focus on what the Maslow can do though and try doing the highest and lowest points… Or several depths depending on how much you want to put into it. It would look neat and clean if done well.

I think it can do coordinated moves in x,y and z.


@TheMerryYeoman , This was fixed in one of the past few releases.
I have confirmed an exact feed-rate for my Z now, so the next step after the sled is built, is to confirm how accurate the x/y feed-rates are, to estimate how good a coordinated x/y/z move will turn out.


Wow!! This is great news! Thanks for telling me how wrong I was! :grinning:

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This question still remains for me as well!

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There has been a inkscape plugin around, like almost 10 years back that would do g-code out of inkscape.
As far as i remember it also used colours for different Z depth.
I do not know if it could do transitions, or only steps.
Until it is confirmed that that plugin is still around and work with current inkscape, SVG remains 2D .

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the NC file i can make at work just if the Maslow can do it is what i was wondering

Most likely it will run the code… the issue is that it might not come out as well as you would hope.

I have been very pleased using the scorchworks F-engrave software (F-engrave and a 90 degree V-carve bit using the Maslow. Here is an example of a sign that this combination produced.

And this one in birds eye maple


Very nice!

I disgree, i’ve made meeples for carcasonne that were 1,5cm high and they turned out just fine.
I’ve recently made hive game pieces which involved some small engraving and they turned out fine too.

I’d say go for it and prove the naysayers wrong :slight_smile:
Just do the engraving before the cutouts and i see no problem whatsoever (with a decent z-axis).


What firmware and groundcontrol versions was used for this amazing outcome?

Is this running on win?

The plug-in is still around, though not recently updated.
On Linux i can confirm that it still creates g-code with latest inkscape and that is has 2.5d function.
Not tested how it works but my final answer to

is that it could be more.
This screenshot seems to suggest that Z-depth can be achieved by brightens levels.

Edit: link to the 4 years old git:

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