Communications-Where is my Maslow?

Hi all, I’m kickstarter backer #496 and have not received my Maslow. I’m base in London UK. Fedex send my customs bill while I was away and returned my Maslow to US, now I have tried to communicate with Maslow, have sent numerous emails through different channels and no response. Has anybody had similar experience? What shall I do??

I’m considering reporting the project to Kickstarter but would rather receive my Maslow…

Thanks for help!


That does not sound like anything I have experienced in this project. It is likely that @bar and @hannah are spammed with emails and that yours must have slipped through. Write them again. After this post they will keep a special eye for your email. They are extremely helpful.

P.S. What exactly are you considering to report to Kickstarter? That it was shipped, but you were not at home when it arrived or that FedEx sent it back?


Hey Carlos,

I’ve messaged you back via Kickstarter but feel free to continue correspondence with me via email at - whatever is easiest for you! And sorry for the delay. I was out on vacation for the past 2 weeks and Bar doesn’t do quite as much corresponding as I do :slight_smile: