Wahoo! My Maslow USPS shipping label was printed! And is now in transit!

Yippee!!! The shipping label for my Maslow was printed! Now I just need to control the urge to check the tracking on it every minute or so. Wait, I need to go get the lumber for the frame. Where’s my keys? WHERE ARE MY KEYS!?!?!?

What? $5 bribe? What $5 bribe? Don’t know anything about that. You’ll have to talk to my lawyer, Cichael Mohen, He’s a great guy. Very upstanding honest lawyer.

He’s where? Talking to the Maslowian special investigator?

He’s lying. Don’t believe a word he says. He’s always been a liar.

What? He already ratted me out and got plea deal?

(sorry everybody, but, I am a radicalized liberal democrat)


I guess you’re not international, with a username like DakotaJim :slight_smile: But it still wouldn’t hurt to keep a REASONABLE eye on the tracking. Mine was shipped to the UK, then shipped back to the US, thanks to useless delivery companies on the UK side. You had ONE JOB, ParcelForce!! :wink:

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Haha - I expect it to go to the east coast before making its way back here. Most of my amazon prime orders originate in Colorado (Denver is a leisurely 7 hour drive from here) and then get sent to Kentucky resulting in a 3-5 day delivery by UPS. I still wonder why so many people think South Dakota is not in the US. I used to work in a DirecTV call center here and we were required to tell customers what state we were in when answering their call and about 20% wanted to be transferred to an American agent even though I sound exactly like every major network news caster (but sometimes I would mess with people and sound like I was a cast member in the movie Fargo (Fargo is located in North Dakota which I have been trying to talk a Canadian buddy into invading and absorbing into Canada - they don’t want them either)

Oh, and yes I am tracking the package every 2 hours between watching paint dry and keeping up with the international sloth racing circuit.

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And now for the rest of the story.
As you can probably tell from original post I was quite excited that my Maslow kit was shipped after almost a month of waiting for kits to be completed. I tracked the package fanatically and it arrived in my town about an hour or so too late to go out on Saturday. I found out later (after the post office closed for the day) that I could of gone in with my tracking number and they would have given it to me. So after spending the whole weekend in almost unbearable anticipation for mail delivery today I come home from work to no mail. I check the tracking on it and it shows as delivered. Uh, so I call my neighbor to see if the mailman came yet to which she said yes and then asked me if I could stop by later after they get back from dinner with friends to help her find something online (they are in their 70’s and I do all of their technical support and internet assistance). I say sure, what time? She says 8pm. I then proceed to rush down to the post office (it’s 4:30 and it closes at 5) and interrogate the counter people who then get the temp mailman who delivered in my neighborhood today (our regular mailman retired recently) to come up and talk to me. He swore if it shows delivered then he delivered it and he remembered putting the package on the porch. So I took the paperwork to file a claim and came home fretting and fuming the whole time that my Maslow is gone forever and I will never have one. So 8 pm arrives and I go next door to help Dianne with her internet search. I’m sitting in front of her computer and searching for the company she wanted me to find and ask her what was up. She said she ordered some cookware off of the tv and they sent a bunch of weird hardware. AHA, I shout, LET ME SEE IT!!! NOW WOMAN!!! Thank god she did not have a heart attack. So long story not so short, MY MASLOW IS HERE!!! MY MASLOW IS HERE!!!
I did promise to make her something with it to make up for scaring her and the whole now woman comment.
Now at this time her husband (who is one of my best buddies after living next door to each other for 18 years) reminded me that I have to work tomorrow. Crap! So tomorrow afternoon starts my Maslow journey. Please be prepared for all of my questions concerning the arduino and shield.

Thank you all for your previous posts, questions and answers. I will try to find any solutions I need there first.



Ahhahhha. Glad you survived the “now woman” :smiley:

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