Maslow waiting at the custom

Hi everybody, here waiting for a letter from german custom to go and get my hands on my Maslow - waiting from 10 days there… For all non US Maslowers, do you know how does it work with custom taxes for a kickstarter project? Since there is no formal bill for it, should we also pay the custom taxes or not? First time i’m in such a situation.

Here’s an old discussion from when the beta kit went out:!/general:import-to-eu-germany/in-general-your-customs-of

…and here’s me commenting on what I had to pay for GST and Customs for New Zealand.

So yeah, doesn’t really matter that it’s Kickstarter backing. The value of the kit is on the outgoing US customs form and that’s what is used to determine the corresponding customs on import.

Hi Walter, thanks for your answer, good to know this. So let’s keep waiting…