Community Garden Z Axis

I am in the process of building my Maslow. I looked at the recommended Rigid router, but I didn’t really like it. I was going to design a z axis, but I know I have seen a few designs in the forums. I did not see anything in the community garden. Does anyone have an axis design that they would be willing to post on the community garden?



Did you see this one in the forum from @MeticulousMaynard ?

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Good memory. I still need to cut that >.> That’s pretty high-priority for me to cut, so that should be one of the first things I do once my machine is back up and running again.

As a heads-up, the files to cut that design are a little further into the thread, I believe it’s post 14 or so. Don’t get discouraged when you look at the first post and don’t see it. I’ll have to edit the first post to have the zip file with the dxf, svg, and nc files in it so it’s easier to find.


It would be great if Discourse allowed pinned posts that sit at the top of a thread, similar to pinned topics at the top of a category. I ran into this problem when posting pictures of the community garden projects in their respective forum threads.

How about planting them in the Community Garden? :grin:


@blurfl That almost makes too much sense. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll get on it!

@jwolter That would be a cool feature, but at the very least editing is still an option.


Files have been added to both the first post of my Z-Axis thread as well as the community garden. Enjoy!

Ooops sorry!! It looks like they went into the old community garden, I’ll take that one down right now.

The new community garden is here:

I made a quick video about what’s new about the new community garden here:

I made a quick video about adding a project here:

Edit: I’ve set the old community garden as “archived” so it is still there and can be interacted with, but it is read only

I didn’t even know there was a new community garden. Thanks for those videos, I’ll go through them and upload the files to the new garden.

Sorry about that

EDIT: Okay, that explains all those emails I saw a little while back.

Looking over my files I realize I’m missing a few things. There’s no BOM, no nc file for the plexiglass window, or STL files for the 3D printed parts. I will work on this more when I get home tonight.

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Aaaand it’s done:


Well @MeticulousMaynard, I went ahead and bought the z-axis kit from I purchased the pulleys and belt from McMaster Carr. I am going to try to build your z-axis.


O.O I’m quite flattered, and a little envious. I am more than a little curious how it goes for you. If you have any questions please let me know and I will help you out.


The pulleys just came in from McMaster Carr. I realized that they are press-fit. I have never worked with this type of thing before, so I don’t know if this is the best option. Is press-fit the intentional option for these pulleys? I might need some guidance on how to press them on.