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Compensate for inaccuracy in software?


Is it possible to compensate for “known consistent” inaccuracies within a software?

Example: I know my machine has a sag of 5mm on the horizontal, over 2400mm. Is there an option in fusion, aspire or similar to account for this?

I have tried several hardware things to correct sag without success. Maybe software has the answer?

Thanks in advance :grin:


I don’t know of any software that will precompensate the gcode for machine inaccuracies. I’ve developed a system to post-compensate for it using an error matrix. The matrix is determined by using a camera in place of the router and a regularly spaced pattern stretched across the entire workarea is examined. If you can come up with the calibration matrix yourself, you don’t have to use the camera system and can take advantage of the post-compensation system. It’s not in stock ground control / firmware…you’d have to use my custom software or switch over to using webcontrol (that’s where I’m continuing it’s development at this point)