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Improved Calibration Technique?

I want to call attention to some good work that community member “DomeDave” has been doing. He has created an alternative script for calibrating his machine based on his past work doing calibration for optical systems. His technique is similar to the holey calibration approach, but also somewhat different.

You can read about his techniques here:

And find a copy of his calibration script here:

Just wanted to make sure this one didn’t fly under the radar.



So no new firmware or anything? Just run a gcode program that barely dots the workpiece, measure the dots, input the measurements and get a new groundcontrol.ini?

I think I know what I might be trying tomorrow. :grin:

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Yup! It’s a totally stand alone technique.

I would love to get some feedback on how their system stacks up against the original calibration system.

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I am really interested to hear some feedback on this from our more experienced/knowledgeable technically savvy users.

I’m not a pro user, but it looks cool

Welcome to the discourse!


I love the idea, very similar to techniques used to calibrate 3D printers, except due to polar co-ordinates, insanely more complex.

I had a look at the code, which makes reference to “input measurements file in .ini format (see example file)”. I didn’t see the example file in github.

  • Is it there?
  • Did I miss it?
  • Can anyone else see it?

thank you @ShadyG, glad to be here