Unused Maslow setup for sale - central Florida

I have several 3D printers. Wanting to make larger things, about year ago, I got excited and purchased the Maslow kit and accessories:

From Maslowcnc.com:

Order Number: #08673 (placed on June 8, 2018 02:28PM PDT)
1 Maslow CNC Base Machine Kit SQ8256437
1 Maslow CNC Z-Axis Kit SQ0524330 - .375 in, 3/8 in (Ridgid R22002)
2 Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch 2 Flute Up-spiral Bit SQ3857577
1 Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch Single Flute Up-spiral Bit SQ8772840
1 Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch 2 Flute Compression Bit SQ9773867

From 3rd party - RailAndOak - Etsy:
1 Maslow triangulation linkage kit - Laser cut (wood) parts and hardware

Special order from Home Depot
1 Rigid R22002 Router - 11 Amp 2 HP 1/2 in. Corded Fixed Base Router

Everything still sits in original, unopened packages…

I had the idea that I would use the Maslow to fabricate some sort of workshop for my printers and Maslow, but I have no vehicle large enough to haul lumber, plywood, nor enough garage space to work without constant setting up and putting away - most likely requiring additional calibration? Anyway, I have over $650 in parts sitting here for over a year now and it needs to go to someone who will use it. I’m thinking $500, but open.

Do you have a way to contact you so that we could see if we could work something out? I will be in that area in a couple of weeks and have some interest.

Hi, I am interested, but over in France. Would you consider postage to France? Or would you prefer to send to a friend of mine in Portland OR?


I sent you a DM, but here - for you or anyone else - scott.access at my gmail.com account

Hey kilomonk, I’m looking for such a package deal. I live in Oregon currently. Of Course I’d pay shipping. What is your preferred shipper. i’ll price it out unless you have time and let me know.
Thanks. Scooter.

I think it is sold, pending payment. I’ll let you know. Thanks.

I currently have a kit for sale as well, it has been used, but it has all of the required parts, plus over $150 extra for the Meticulous Z-Axis modification! I am willing to ship anywhere in the US! Message me if you want any more info!

Hey there Justin!

Info YES! I’m currently cutting 4 X 8 sheets of corrugated plastic via X-Acto blades. I think I’ll end up building a frame with a panel inset to run near edge to edge. I’m getting the cutting specs from a contact at Coroplast for a router cutter set up. Small cutting head, slow speeds works best.

If you have any pics I’d enjoy. I’m also thinking about frame swings up into ceiling unit for my little shop.

Hopefully I’m not too busy tomorrow afternoon to look up shipping costs. BTW, how much does it weigh, and box size please?


Scooter Hampton


Hello Scooter, @Cyclebuilder
Here is the link to my original post about selling it, in that post there is a link to a post from a while back where I went into detail on my whole setup.
I currently still have it set up, but if you are serious about purchasing it I will dismantle it immediately.
So you have a router in mind that you’d likely use? That is one less thing for me to ship in the box.
Would you like me to supply the extra parts that I purchased (Still in packaging) to build the meticulous z-axis modification? If you are not sure what that is, there is a link in my original post about that as well.

I don’t think shipping costs will be all that bad, I would assume anywhere from $30-$60. I Will pack it into the smallest box possible, probably a 12x12x12 or possibly slightly bigger than that if you want any of the extras.
I will gather some pictures of the Meticulous z-axis parts that I have to give you an idea of what that is.
Uploading: 2805595F-0317-4EB6-9D92-AE2576A4369B.jpeg…
Uploading: DC9FA023-5484-48F3-8CDC-84FF83FE25E1.jpeg…

If you have any other questions, let me know! I Will be happy to answer them.

Justin DeBoer

Thanks Scott,

I cut Coroplast full 4 X 8 Sheets. Currently with X-Acto blades… by hand… in the snow… Wait, what?

A Maslow would be so good for my app.


Scooter Hampton


is it sold?

Hello again, I just took everything apart (except my frame) and got the weight on it.
The full Maslow kit without my original sled:
11 lbs
With my sled:
16 lbs
The meticulous z-axis setup (including everything in the picture below:

So if I shipped everything it would be
27 lbs
And a box that is at least 19 inches by 19 inches for everything.
Let me know what parts you are interested in and I can let you know prices and everything.
For both the Maslow kit and the z-axis mod I would like around $400. Let me know what you think of that price! I am willing to work with you!
Justin DeBoer

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I did not get a response from Scooter about buying my machine, if you are Interested, shoot me a message!