Connection Lost Issue

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I have been having some issues with my maslow. So I am using webcontrol and holeycalibration. I do my calibration and everything is beautiful!!! I open my gcode and it cuts like a charm!!! However, every 2 or 3 cuts (and sometimes even more often) I get an error saying that the connection was lost and that the calibration was lost and recalibration is highly suggested… I have checked the connections, made sure to run the USB cable far away from the electrical cables, cleaned the connectors with compressed air, and I even switched a tablet I was using to connect the maslow for a new desktop pc. Issue persists and I have been runing holeycalibrations more than I have been able to cut. I need to cut 150 sheets of plywood for the construction of a wind tunnel to do research, but if the issues of calibration being lost persists, I am afraid I will finish in 10 years hahahha… Please let me know if you guys have been facing this issue and if there is any solution to this problem.

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have you tried a shorter cable?

Next time don’t do a full recalibration, just reset your chains. take off the chains from the sprockets (I usually hang the sled on a screw), align the sprockets to 12:00, then If you have not marked your chain, do a chain extension on left and right sides and either permanent marker or nail polish the chain over the 12:00 tooth for length. Then next time you need to reset, you simply set the tooth and put the marked link over the 12:00 tooth. You should not need to recalibrate because the calibration numbers are stored in the system.

That would be my first bet also. Some quality with ferrite on both sides.
Other then that make sure all power- and screen-savers are turned off.

Is that in different g-code files, or do you mean every 2 or 3 moves from the same file?

Are you running a RPI?

Same gcode, and I am not using RPI and I have no idea what RPI is other than “Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.” So I need to cut 10 pieces of model 1, lets say, after the 1 or 2nd piece cut (2nd model 1), I get the error… Most of the time, if not all, is at the end of the cut or at the very beginning.

I will change the cable for a shorter one and see what luck I have! I will let you know the results!

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RPi = Raspberry Pi for webcontrol. Hanging that next to the arduino makes the cable extreme short. What are you running webcontrol on?

I’m using an older laptop to control my maslow, and the USB ports on it have taken a thrashing. So sometimes a slight twist of the USB plug in the port results in it losing connection.

In my case the problem is not the extra long cable its the extra slack of the USB ports.

you can pinch the USB cable end so it is a little tighter… use your thumb to press it in just a bit and that will hopefully help with the random disconnection.

So we have found the solution to all the problems… We have thrown the Maslow to the garbage and we are getting a pro CNC machine… Too many issues and really too slow. There are way too many cons and few pros…

Sad to read this. If you have unlimited budget and allot of space, I congratulate you to your decision.
You will have a better and faster machine.
The pros of the Maslow are price, space required and that is in development, so features you would like can be made true. Good luck with that on a ‘turnkey’ solution.