Considering a Maslow basic CNC. Few questions

Been doing a bit of research and I’m considering foraying into the Maslow world.

My wife and sister in law run a small decoration business and this could be a usefull tool for creating wooden decorations for us.

What few immediate upgrades do you recommend? In particular the z axis? What one is good?

Please have a look at the attached photos.

In particular the pink piece. Is the Maslow able to do this? It’s plywood that’s been given a quilted look by engraving.

I assume it can also make the wooden name sign as well?



Yes, the Maslow can certainly make signs similar to the one in the photo and is capable of much more.

However, since Maslow is very much an open source, community driven project I have to suggest that using a Maslow is an exercise in setting low expectations at first. Then raising those expectations after using and refining your build. There are a lot of things that need to be learned, tweaked and improved upon with any of the kits once you get it out of the box.

Once you have it set up, have it properly calibrated, and have been able to develop a good workflow, it is almost shocking at what it’s capable of considering what it is. it just may take a bit of time and a moderate amount of work to get there.

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If you are looking to make smaller things like that for a business it might be worth checking out the Shapeoko or X-carve. They are quite a bit smaller than Maslow, but might work for your needs better.

BobsCNC is also a good choice to look into as well. But that also depends on the size you are looking to cut those decorations out in. Maslow is great for doing large format cuts. If you are making smaller signs, the Maslow can certainly handle it, but a BobsCNC, X-carve, or Shapeoko might be better suited.

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