Thinking of making the jump

I’m thinking of getting a Maslow CNC, but have some concerns.

  • I’ve never done anything with CNC, and am new to woodworking. I plan on using it to replace my table saw, mostly. I will use my table saw for sawing rabbits if needed. I have a computer science degree and will be 71 this year, so my budget is limited. Is this machine stable enough to be worth my efforts to put it together?

I would say the community here is very supportive, even when I ask dumb questions. If you have a genuine interest I would say go for it. However, I would not view it as a replacement for a table saw. In my opinion, the Maslow is best at complex, irregular parts, curves, and the like. The Maslow is also great for making templates which can then be used as a pattern for multiple parts. The Maslow is stable and very functional, as with most tools it is not dummy proof. It has not been engineered to prevent or address every possible safety concern.

Below is a good thread to click on to see the kinds of things people are making with the Maslow.

Welcome to the community!