Couldn't be happier

Not a remarkable first cut, but given my space constraints, particular attention to detail and just simply wanting this to work - I’m ecstatic.

What you see is my very first cut, post single-pass calibration straight out of GC and only the first pass of the Maslow logo. It’s on my spoil board, I didn’t plan ahead and get a cutting piece (duh!).

This is a piece of ply that’s literally been weathered outside for 10+ years in New Zealand (harsh sun, salt, and weather - we’re on an island), it’s like iron. The drag mark bottom left to top to right is unrelated, let’s just say I was learning…

MASSIVE thank you to the community, especially @dlang for his patience with my smaller frame questions (this is 8ft across), here’s why…

It doesn’t look pretty, but I thought this trick was fantastic! That bar just doesn’t move - massive washers (@dlang’s bolt frame) and the dado seems to really minimise flex.


Fantastic work! Thanks for taking the time to post your success. We get a lot more folks who are struggling in the forums while folks who get up and running are less likely to post so it’s great to see!