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Creating Custom Boxes With CNC

I want to build some custom sized boxes, is there an OpenSCAD or other simple way to create custom boxes that anyone can point me towards?

I’ve been looking at examples of the kind with the interlocking tabs, but I would prefer a generic solution that I can customize.

Sketchup is a popular option. Autodesk also offers their Fusion 360 product at no charge to hobbyists.

There is some fairly pricey software out there for custom cabinetry, but I don’t think it would be suitable for making boxes.

The Easel program from Inventables has a Box Maker app that lays out a tabbed box with optional sliding lid to the dimensions you choose.


Using Linux so Fusion 360 and Sketchup are not options for me. I’ll check out Easel, thanks!

There’s an YouTube video using the tool here. The video is aimed at beginners, but it does show the app in action and how to find it.

You can use fusion 360 via browser on linux.


You can use Sketchup in a browser (that supports HTML5) at

Neat tip! That one is going in the Pinned topic at the Projects category.

You can also run an older version of Sketchup in Ubuntu via Wine or PlayOnLinux.

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I Agree with Easel box app or this Box Maker

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Onshape can only be run in a browser, so it’s also available to Linux. I think the same is true of Fusion 360. I did not know of, thanks @TheRiflesSpiral!


Here is a sort of box in OpenSCAD:

I don’t keep a box library, I typically just reuse the joints code and rewrite the box for each project (since they’re usually pretty different.


Nice! I like the ability to add holes