Looking the best cnc wood design for room

Hi all

I am thinking of making some wooden storage boxes for my children’s bedroom. I was looking at sliding lid opening but a little unsure how these are made. I saw some examples on this site http://www.customcraftltd.com but couldn’t find any plans.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


I have ordered a Maslow CNC 4. One of the first projects when I receive it will be to make storage and transport boxes. I am considering what film folks refer to as “Apple Box’s.” These are used for storing various types of equipment on a set, for set setup up where an object or even an actor needs to be a little taller, and many other many things. It is a modular system based on several sizes with many variations. SOme do have a sliding top. A good place to see the concept and some variations is one of the large photo/video online stores. For example, B&H has a good selection that could provide some design ideas. See https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Apple-Boxes-Basso-Blocks-Wood/ci/1401/N/3715154795