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Cut 2d Pro software $275. Discount of 40% off $450 normal

Recently we became OEM re-sellers for vectric software. The software that would work best for Maslow is their Cut2D software. It is normally $450. You can download a trial and see if you like it. As resllers we get a 40% discount so the price for maslow users would be $270 plus $5 to cover our credit card fees.

Even with the discount it is pretty expensive. If there are at least 5 people interested I will buy it. Please comment below if you want to buy it and if you have tried the trail version yet.

I already paid full price but am still very happy with the program. I tried several others but they were either too simple or came with capabilities I would never use. Cut2D has a lot of design capabilities but in an easy to use format. Many of the design actions have pictographs grouped in a tool box. Hover over an icon and a brief explanation appears. Same applies on the toolpath selection screen. When you’re done it creates a gcode. An outstanding feature is the tutorials that are accessed from the design/drawing screen. Available are “getting started” lessons with one for the basic setup, one for drawing, and another for toopaths. More detailed tutorial follow on. They all go through a sample projects while using more complex actions as they go on. Cut2D will get you up the learning curve but still have sophisticated controls that will exceed the needs and abilities of the Maslow.

I could be convinced. The local MakerSpace uses VCarve. I wouldn’t have to re-do tool paths if I needed to cut something there.

well I have to get at least 5 people to get the discount so we will see if anyone else is interested.

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I’m in at that price.

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I’ll just keep this thread open and when it gets to 5 people, I’ll pull the trigger.

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sounds good! LMK