Cut shifts in one direction on each pass

This is the first cut after finally getting my machine updated and calibrated. It seems to be predictably drifting in one direction. Any ideas or pointers before I start troubleshooting?

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go through a few cycles of extending/retracting the belts and see if the
distances reported at the end of retraction are all near zero or if they wander
(which I suspect is happening)

If they are not near zero, that likely indicates a problem with the magnets,
either they aren’t glued in solidly enough, or they are positioned in the wrong
place (wrong bearing or flipped over)

David Lang


To clarify, the magnets are symmetrical so their orientation doesn’t matter but make sure the roller end holding the magnet faces the sensor IC and that the roller is not flipped over

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This could also be the magnets slipping inside the roller. Since we are measuring the position of the magnet if the magnet slips in the roller it would lead to position drift over time

This was it! Thank you! The top right belt had an offset of ~2 each time i retracted when the other three were ~0.01.

I noticed that when I extend belts, this one was much more sensitive, barely touching it was cause it to extend.

I disassembled the top right belt winch to check on the rollers and they flew out so I couldn’t check if the rollers were correct, but I reassembled it correctly it worked, so I must have had the empty roller swapped with the magnetic roller.

Felt so good to successfully calibrate and get my first accurate cut made!