Cuts are too big (bigger than I designed them to be in CAD)

So I have been using my school’s CAD workstations with Solidworks. In SW, I use the sketch image tool. I set my parameters of how many inches I want the image to scaled by, then trace it out (yes, I know this is a very long process that is probably unnecessary). I have found that if I set the width of say, a sign, to 12in then trace it. When I cut it on my machine it’s not at all 12 inches wide…

the CAM software I’m using is, and I am trying to get an actual program (if you all have suggestions I’m open to them) that will be less cumber sum and hard to use.

I don’t know if I’m missing something or am doing something wrong but it’s a bit irritating and I don’t

Within MakerCAM try clicking Edit -> Edit Preferences -> SVG Resolution and change it to 96. That is the value which I have found works correctly.

You can always check if the scaling in MakerCAM is correct by creating a 12 inch square and comparing it to the 12 inch sign you are making. If the settings are correct they will be the same size.


In regards to CAM I really, really like Estlcam (about $60). But I switched when Makercam/Partcam was having down time issues and I was frustrated. Estlcam will also “carve” which allows you to use a v-bit for better lettering detail.



I have seen a lot of people mention Estlcam, and I did download the trial version. I had some trouble with it, but I am going to do some more and really try and use it. Do you know if there is a way I could get a refund if it doesn’t work out for me?

I don’t honestly know. The developer’s email (Christian) is at the bottom of any page on the website. You could email him and ask for an extension on the trial but I can not guarantee anything. Most people really like it and it seemed like the best reasonably priced CAM I could find. I did find the tutorials quite helpful and the popup tips on each item also quite helpful.

Also, during setup make sure you choose GRBL for the processor.

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Ok, I think I’m going to buy it because with MakerCAM it doesn’t save settings so I mess stuff up all the time by forgetting to change a simple setting.

What does choosing GRBL do (I’m just curious)?

The Maslow board runs GRBL to process the gcode to control all of the motors. Other CNC boards use different processes. My other cnc uses Marlin so I need to change that each time I switch between machines.

I see. I see that Estlcam has a machine controller, is that at all compatible with the Maslow?

I have never tried it. I think that GC is the best way to go as it was designed for the Maslow.

BTW, Autodesk has a free version of HSM CAM plugin for Solidworks. It’s limited to 2.5 Axis, but that is all you would need with the Maslow.