Cutting a room for the Maslow?

Do any FOSS design files for something like this exist?

I’d like to build the workshop the Maslow will live in.

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ooh, i like the idea, an official Maslow’ed Maslow workshop.

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I’m thinking of using this idea for a tiny home to camp in.

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Searching (the web, not this forum) for “workshop shed cad free” produces lots of interesting results. I’m still not clear on how easy it is to take CAD files from a site like grabcad and convert them into cutlists / separate CAM operations for separate sheets of material, though.

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Are probably most advanced in this area if you want a straightforward room.

I like the curves in the first link I posted though.

I quite like the asymmetry of this one, just building a box seems a missed opportunity with this tech.


hmm, what’s the angle of that wall, can it be made to match what we want for the maslow so that you just add the top beam and workpiece supports to the wall?

hmm, looking at it, I see a couple nice dimensions that work well

assume a angled shape like this, with the wall at 100 degrees from the floor
(with the wall being the maslow frame) (with the other three angles being 90,
90, 80)

a 8’ floor with a 10’ roof or a 10’ floor with a 12’ roof works out very nicely
with the angled wall being just over 10’ (so if it rests on the floor or the
roof beams rest on it, 10’ lumber works) and the vertical wall is just over 12’

you could build it with the vertical wall open (just posts) and have steel cable
with turnbuckles to go across to the angled corner making a nice ~30" high
triangle (which also makes it a little over a 3 in 12 roof pitch, legal for most
of the US)

I’ll have to play around with this a little more

David Lang

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