Cutting Hardwood Planks with Maslow

Howdy ALL:

I have my Maslow on order, and have modeled the “default” frame so I could modify it to fit in my 6’2" low ceiling shed.

I have some projects in mind that would require the ability to cut hardwood planks. For example, hybrid plywood / hardwood chairs where the “seat” and “back” would be contoured from multiple pieces of hardwood, boat frame pieces, artwork…

I haven’t seen anything indicating that others have done this, but seems possible.

I’m envisioning a second plywood “spoilboard” of equal thickness to my hardwood plank. With a “window” in the center or some such, where my plank would reside. I can see it being reusable, with various shapes to fill in the gaps around irregular boards and to give Maslow a smooth running surface.

How tell Maslow where the piece of wood is located?

Has anyone attempted this?


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Before you start a cut, you manually jog the sled to the point you want to be (0, 0).

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take a gander at the other thread you posted about this.

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OK, great.

I’m going to be new to CNC also but I’m aware of the concepts.


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Could you build a router sled with glides on the side and across the face. This would allow the router to stay in a neutral height across the whole surface. The plank would sit on the full panel either screwed or clamped in place (maybe even hot glue).

Something like this

like this one?

kind of like a panel saw, but a surface jointer/planer function?