Wood size question

Can a 24x24 butcher block maple wood be cut in Maslow or does it need to be plywood?


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Depth is about the only limit (bit length and z depth) but you’ll need something under the sled if you get close to the edge.

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I’ve not seen it done on a Maslow. But you could use a frame of reference, for instance drill 2 holes in opposing corners and use dowel pins to hold the work to a waste board. This would allow you to do a path. Then flip the work on the pins to work form the opposite side. This would be for a symmetrical design or a mirror path using the same starting point.

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The thickens is somehow missing, but generally I would dare to cut it. Limiting factors are Length of your Bit, Range of you Z-Movement. Crucial Factors are how deep you go in per path, at what feed rate and the bit and RPM.

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People have asked about cutting chunks of logs here as well

The key thing is that the sled rides on the material being cut. If you have a bunch of these, you can put ‘extra’ ones beside the one you are cutting on, so the sled is fully supported in all directions as you get close to the edge

If you don’t have extras, you can make similar supports with any wood.

Just drill small pilot holes and attach with screws.


I see you just joined, welcome to our group! Do you have a Maslow? What area are you located?

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I’ve cut bits of scrap I had laying around which were smaller than that using maslow, the key as people have said is that there be a buffer area around what you are cutting.

If you are planning to cut around the edges of the board (to make the shape of a state for example), and you are planning to do a lot of them, I would recommend cutting a plywood template which you can clamp to the surface of the board and follow with a router bushing. The setup time is going to be quicker that way and you can probably knock out 10 or 15 in an hour that way.


Thanks, yes my husband has a Maslow, we are located in Boca Raton, FL.

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