Multipurpose frame

I’m a newbie ordered my Maslow late night. I have a mobile panel saw plan that I have started puttin together. And I’m wondering if I can multitask it so as not to take up so much room with to frames. It has 2 pipes in front for the saw to rum on, I thank that can be removed for the router to work. Any suggestions.

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A few people have been trying to do the opposite, make a panel saw out of a maslow.
I think it could be very easily done, maybe the rest for the panels can be in the way for the sled if you go far down, but all in all i think that should be an easy mod.
Have you got any pictures?

This address has the panel saw that I have planes for . The two pipe runners look like they would be easy to talke off and be put back on. I would have to come up with a way mount the motors and chains. The panel saw will fold up for storage. Would be grate for garage or small shop. You could do your cnc work plus cut your plywood to size.

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Some modification might be needed, but it shouldn’t be too hard to combine the two. You just need to find a way to make the bars for the saw perfectly square every time you install them, otherwise the machine would be useless.

I will be working on it. Being able to replete the alignment and calibration is going to be the hard part. If I find a way to make them reliable I will post it and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated


I had similar thoughts long time back. Would love to see what you come up with.
Thinking of water pipes with this slides:

The horizontal pipes could be supported from down, as the bearings run on top.
Something around this perhaps:



Did anything ever come of your pipe idea? I’ve been wondering why two sets of pipes, as you outlined, couldn’t provided a more stable X/Y path. I don’t know any of their tolerances so perhaps they are less accurate than gravity and well documented chain tension alone, but it strikes me as an interesting idea to explore.


At that time i had an overly heavy sled with a huge router. The double pipes were intended for more stability and i wanted the router in the middle. I did find a cheap an simple solution for bearings on the internet, but moved to a spindle and much lighter sled, so did not follow through with this idea.

Check out maslow-mark-II-3d, similar and much better, plus panel-saw options.

With c-beam and spindle, the sled is so light, i’m looking for a ‘light-weight’ option now and might target curtain rails. Still all just in the head.

Kind regards, Gero