Cutting question

I am trying to find out how to change the cut? when i did my first try i just used the marker to let it draw on my board to make sure it looked correct, but its going around each cutout in the letters 6 times and the full outline 6 times? i dont have the z axis installed yet so it just keeps popping a window up to move the z axis to -25 then -39 then -50 and so on. do i have to do this many cuts?
i am using the 4x8 3/4 inch birchwood?

the cut is fully controlled by the g-code.

you are seeing why the Z axis is considered mandatory :slight_smile:

without knowing what you are cutting, it’s impossible to know if that number of
Z changes is appropriate, we do know that makercam does far more Z changes than
is really needed.

the number of passes is determined by how deep you cut in each pass, depending
on who you read, reasonable values are from 1/2 bit diameter to 2x bit diameter
per pass.

David Lang

The number of passes depends on both the depth of each pass and the thickness of your material and/or depth of the pockets being cut. You should be able to control this in the program that generates your g-code. How deep you make your passes is somewhat of an art, but yes, it will probably take several passes to cut through 3/4" plywood.

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