DAnG Introduction

Hello everyone, I am the DAnG Panda.

I come from the losing end of a BAD divorce (don’t get addicted to anything… it’ll mess you up), but have finally made my way back into a relatively stable lifestyle and continue on a dream I’ve been having since I first heard of Maslow… to be a large format maker.

I stopped following the Maslow world shortly after the introduction of the crossmember design of the original Maslow due to extremely tight budget issues and a life that was… unstable… and I didn’t want to keep getting my hopes up to find disappointment over and over again when I realize that owning a Maslow at that time would be just a dream… but I’m mentally “fixed” now and those hidden scars are beginning to heal properly.

I already have some 3D Printers and a couple of other fun crafting machines, but the Maslow will be my biggest and hopefully the most fun one yet… Who am I kidding… crafting at this scale? how could it NOT be fun?

Anyways, I figured the “No Judgement” zone seemed most appropriate for a newbie who REALLY messed his life up (along with others) and is on the road for mental recovery.

I know next to nothing about the subtractive CNC world, but I am very familiar with how the concepts of how it all works (Referring to the kinematics and such). I hope to learn all that I can from everyone and once day hope to create some wonderful pieces that are good enough to be featured here or other places… and if they also happen to pay the bills, all the better.

I appreciate your time for reading through this and letting me introduce myself to you all and I look forward to learning from you.

Your (hopefully soon) Maslo Maker Friend,

DAnG Panda

ps. You can just call me Panda if you want… or D… or DP… or whatever nickname you would like.

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Welcome! Thanks for joining us!

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Welcome! Thanks for the introduction, and to say, you have made the biggest hurdle, and that is understanding you needed help, and got it are are on the road to recovery. To me, that is a huge thing, so you can be proud of that!! I will caution you though (and since you already have the 3D printers, you may already know), but this maker stuff is “addicting,” but totally in a good way. I’ve had my Maslow for just over 4 years, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. So much so I now have a second CNC machine and a laser engraver (still sitting in the box though as I haven’t made the time to put it together and figure out how to use it…too many other projects)!

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Are you wanting the two motor version or the 4 motor? I have a spare 2 motor version that might get you going for a very low cost. It is in a box and if my system dies I’d then be forced to get the 4 motor one… this could mutually beneficial.


Wow… thank you very much. To be honest, Budget is my big restriction right now (and a family emergencyjust made it tighter), so if are offering the 2 motor at a reasonable price, Im more than open to hearing your proposal.

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Just noticed the reply button XD …

Im interested in hearing your offer/proposal

Sent message directly.