Design software for chairs

Has anyone ever heard of a software program called sketchair? It was on a kickstarter a long time ago. The program designs and customizes files that can be used for CNC machines. It is an easy way to design chairs. The program is so old that it uses a legacy Java program and is not compatible with my current browser. Would anyone be familiar enough with sketchair to be able to upgrade the java that drives the program?

I just downloaded it from here

Then right clicked on the .Jar file and ran it withOpenJDK Java 8 (On Ubuntu) once I made the file executable it worked.

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i just doubleclicked the .jar file and it worked (using windows 10 and latest java)

Hi @Sam_uk - can I check what version of Ubuntu you are using - I am on 17.10 64bit and when I run the .jar using OpenJDK 8 it crashes within a second of opening?



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Same here, same ubuntu version
From the terminal: Error: Could not find or load main class SketchChair.jar

I just tried it and the program is decent, but it is very outdated it would seem a bit less than ideal GUI.

You can download the designs, just be aware that plywood is not always the same thickness to push the items together.