Display grid in Webcontrol

I “think” I have looked everywhere but no luck. Is there a way to display a grid in Webcontrol? It would sure help to locate the gcode for cutting. Thank you.

You can zoom in with the mouse wheel. And drag the board to show the desired location. If you need to measure the size of your cut while it is displayed you can move the mouse to the edge and annotate the x or y (top of the grid) then move to the other sides and run the math. I do this to get the most out of my plywood that has numerous cuts. Measure and mark cross hairs on the plywood to move sled to line up the bit with the cross-hairs and set as home to move your cut to that location.

Also right click on the grid/board to bring up options, like move to spot or move to center, ect.

I hope this answered your question?


Yes!! I see X,Y in relation to center, which also gives me relation to edge of board with a little ciphering! Thank you