Ground Control Ruler/Grid

Is there a Grid/Ruler you can enable on Ground Control?I have been cutting out quite a few small projects and they are not very organized. I am wondering if there is an easy way to measure X and Y on my workspace and then move the Router to that section by looking at a X Y ruler around the Project space in Ground Control.

So say I have a project that is 8 x 8 inch and I have an open 10 x 10 inch space 5 inchs up from the bottom and 9 inches from the left. Would/is it be possible to look at Ground Control and say move the router to this position?


It appears possible to do what you ask, but you can also do a return to center (0,0) and then use the arrow keys to move to a certain spot. It would be more accurate than looking at a ruler on the screen.

I have been measuring from center (0,0) to the open area then using the arrows to move that distance.

20 inches left from center 10 inches down from center. Change distance to move to 20, hit left arrow. Change distance to 10, hit down arrow. Was just wondering if there was an easier way then trying to measure from center.

Do you know about the “hold left mouse button for 3 seconds” trick? Pick a spot on the screen with the cursor, select and hold for at least 3 seconds… you will get this cool little circle that has 3 features, one of which is a readout in mm’s of where you are in relation to “home”. Also, there is an option for moving the sled to that spot. After the sled arrives, you can make that spot home by selecting the “Set Home” button on GC’s keypad.


I did not, thank you!

Regardless, I do like the idea of a few more lines on the screen. It certainly would be possible to divide it up more… and even make it user configurable in Settings. Just need someone to take time with the code (I’m still working on my optical calibration so I’m not jumping to volunteer…)