Model not placed correctly on workspace

I am wondering if I can move a model around on the workspace. I have created a project using Fusion 360 and when I upload the code for the project the tool path for one piece extends above the waste board. I intended to do the cut from a leftover piece of plywood and placed the design near the bottom edge. Once loaded into Webcontrol the pieces to cut are on the top half of the waste board instead of the bottom. Not sure if this makes sense.

Move your sled to where you want to cut and save that location as home. The cut file will appear at that location. Make sure to measure the distances to ensure you don’t run off your work piece. Here is my process:

  1. I determine where I want to cut on my work piece.

  2. I mark my center at that determined location and measure left/right and top/bottom of that center to ensure my entire cut will fit and not run off. Adjust center as needed. (Make sure the sled is supported if cutting close to edges, sometimes I use a hot glue gun and scraps/pucks to support the sled)

  3. Move sled to marked center of my cut area. Line up bit. Save this as your new home. (If you haven’t already loaded the gcode go ahead)

Notes: right click will bring up a menu to move sled to cursor location and move it back to center. You do not need to worry about keeping your home set as center. Home is where you cut. If your gcode doesn’t follow when you set your home, click stop first then set home. It will follow (this may happen when u cut the file and want to move the file up to cut again)



Also if you want it oriented different you will have to use the flip option through your design program. 90 or 180 degree flip ect. Or drag and move. Before you generate the gcode.

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