Do you lubricate the chain?

I am just wondering about lubricating the chain. What is the best lube? Does the sawdust stick to certain lubricant?

yes sawdust sticks to anything oil based, get a graphite based lubricant (or
possibly silicoln based, but they may still be sticky)

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One of the wax based dry bicycle chain lubes should work. I use Finish Line on my 3D printers

I’ll let you know sometime after our 235.4 inches (must be about 6 meters) of snow melt. Could have planned the shop project timing better :grinning:

Lake effect, eh? I only have aboot 60cm here.

Oil will attract dust. Well, not attract it, but dust will stick to it. A spray graphite may be the way to go, but it’s messy stuff to apply. I’m not sure how often it would need to be done either. In a clean dry place, it may be fine for years.

You betcha!

About average. What was I thinking when I bought a place here with a 1000 foot/300m driveway?

Yes, It keeps the chain from balling up on itself!