Chain Maintenance

What should I be doing to the chain to keep them healthy and happy? Oil, silicone spray, grease, other?

One of my other hobbies is mountain biking and I can’t say enough about this product:
I’m sure my garage and sawdust won’t subject the chain to the type of abuse I show my bike, and this stuff works great.

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Maxima Chain wax would be my recommendation. They sell it at all motorcycle dealers/shops, walmart carries it,

Amazon link

That can should last long enough to leave to your grandkids.

Wax is for preventing water penetration as much as lubrication. Wood dust will stick to it, it will build up and require regular cleaning.

TF2 Plus Dry is not attractive to dust and dirt, doesn’t build up and you just wipe it on with a rag.


I know this is a really old post, but I’m wondering how often you use this on your chains? I know it probably depends on how much you use your Maslow, but is this an every once in awhile thing or a before each job type of thing? If I’m cutting 4-5 hours a day, how often would you recommend oiling the chains?

Depending on dust, if you’re getting that much use I’d probably lube up a couple times a month. You’ll see with regular use whether that’s enough or too much.

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