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Don't give up on web control

Hello all . i want to share my thoughts with you about web control.
I am using maslow commercially for more over two years. in the beginning i was a little bit frustrated because my knowledge about cnc was only on big commercial machines. after a couple of months playing and tweaking with maslow i understood that if i follow the basic guidelines of a big cnc machine
(a very steady leveled metal frame, a very accurate calibration, and a well balanced plexi glass sled using counter weights on both motors, high quality bits and correct feed and speed on cuts the results will be excellent. After 2 years i can proudly tell you that i have 0,1 accuracy on my cuts and the results that i have in very detailed and “difficult” cuts are even better than a Homag 3515 (150.000 euros machine)

so Why am i writing this post?

I am following this forum from the first day i made the order for the maslow. after the release of web control with holey calibration the machine transformed from “a toy in the garage” to a fully working cnc machine with a lot of capabilities. yes it is slow but for me this is the only “problem”. after the holey calibration i am capable of cutting full width and height of a ply wood sheet.
The web control with the holey calibration was a big step forward for me. i bought the new kit (M2) but never used the new board because i really dont need it, WC works perfectly and flawlessly every time.
I dont have the knowledge to help on the software r&d but allot of other users here can. dont abandon WC because a new and very complex software came up . WC works and it works well.

That are my thoughts and i just wanted to share with you. !!


Agreed. Web control with holey calibration was a game changer for me. I had resigned my Maslow to a life as a large format plotter for making furniture templates. I tried webcontrol with holey on a whim just to see if it made any improvement. Yeah, major understatement. The machine is still slow but holey hell is it better. For me, its night and day different. Its not a toy anymore.


Amen! Best thing that ever happened to my Maslow. Was useless without it.
Please @madgrizzle

we have to choose what is better for us to use. please express your opinion because i have a feeling that the whole project is slowing down, consumed by the millions little details that take all the time of the developers away from the development of the project and just try to solve every “personal” problem we experience (including me on this). my opinion is that we have to set a standard set up for every one and try to follow this as a base and try to have common solutions and upgrades for every one. Maslow works well it can be better if the developers have the time to make improvements, not personalized support. my opinion once more.

I get the feeling the project isn’t slowing down as much as it’s suffering from a kind of scope creep, which is probably inevitable for a project like this. There is still a central core idea and philosophy but its outdated and been made obsolete by advancements in design and process. When a group of people are left to find their own way you will eventually be left with factions that coalesce around their own ideas. With this project, Bar pretty effectively crowdsourced the R&D for Maslow. Most of the improvements wouldnt have happened without the level of community involvement it had.

From my perspective, it’s now a project management problem. Unless there is a concerted effort to start bringing together the vaairous factions, this scope creep will continue and we will individualy have to choose which faction we are going to join. The ones with the greatest gravitational pull (hardware availability, software development, customer base) will gaarner the greatest base. I would like this project to continue as an opensource but eventualy someone is going come up with a workable business model that eventualy goes closed. I’m looking at you Makerbot Industries …

Existing users and new users are going to just want the machines to work when they need them to. In my case after four years of on again off again flirtation with Maslow, I finaly have a machine that can reliably do what I want, when I want it to. For me that took Webcontrol and Holey calibration. It’s going to be hard to move on from this because I have a machine that works pretty well. I’ve ironed out all of the problems I need to iron out. Now it’s about maintenance, long term reliability, and process/workflow improvements. For me the delta between functionality and development is decreasing at an exponential rate. I’m simply not having to hack / test / try my way to a functional and reliable machine anymore.

I could not agree more with the awesomeness of WebControl. I was using GC and was not happy with the calibration. I tried MakerVerse and that was a disaster (too many issues and could not get it working). When I was able to get WebControl working on my Windows 7 laptop, I have been a happy camper.

The Holey calibration, as stated by other, the game changer.

I run webcontrol as a webserver on a raspberr pi. This arrangement has worked the most reliably for me (with no real problems to speak of) but admittedly, its not the easiest to execute for a non-linux/RPI user. That being said, it is my hope that whoeve is continuing the efforts with webcontrol contnues to do so because it is very much appreciated. The hardwware development I can help with. The software and coding I am completly reliant on others for, sadly.