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Web control impressions (and suggestions)

Hello all. i am using the latest version of web control in order to use the holey calibration.
after finishing all settings and calibration i did my tests and for the first time i cut a perfect circle
a thing that was impossible in GC ( after thousands of calibrations , frame improvements and so…) every thing looks good the precision in cuts is far better than GC
BUT i have two issues i want to share with you.
1rst. if i pause a cut job i cannot resume it. (error sending command)
2nd if i use a certain g code line with go to it does not respon (unable to go to z move)
3rd when a job finishes i cannot move the machine or upload a new file unless i close and reopen the app.
and final
it seems to me that the holey calibration works far better that the " default" one is there a way to use it in GC?

thank you for your time and effort to make this happen!!!


there is a fork of GC that supports holey calibration.

the pause issue may have been fixed in a release that happened this week
(there’s one known additional fix needed that should be out shortly)

can you give more details on your 2nd issue (including posing the g-cod)

what happens when you try to do something after the job finishes

what browser/os are you using to access WC, and what OS is WC running on.

David Lang

It’s quite possible the javascript client crashed. I fixed a bug that was causing that to happen in certain cases in release 0.925.

But as @dlang said, we really need more information to go on to help. Though I don’t have a working Maslow, I can use a special mode to simulate one and I’m not able to duplicate what you describe (I can pause, I can use the goto button, and I can start a new job after finishing one).

So what specific error message are you seeing? Is it in the web client you are seeing the error or is it in the terminal where webcontrol is run from? A word-for-word copy (or even better, a screenshot) would help tremendously.

Upload a copy of the gcode and tell us the line you are trying to ‘goto’ so we can try to duplicate it.

This is somewhat of suggesting something crashed along the way. What release version are you on? Uploading the gcode you ran would help us figure it out.

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I will upload everything tonight

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the screen shot is from go to command in a specific line of g code (z move)

I am uploading and the g code file.
this happens to all files I have tried not only to this one. also the resume button does not work. ( with message “cannot issue command”
I have the latest update installed and nothing changed for me.

the “move” problem after the job finishes it is resolved after the last update.

Also can you help me with the “fork” for the holey calibration in GC I have no idea how to do it.
The holey calibration has far better results for me except one thing. the chain shag correction if far better in GC (it is also visible that the chains are tighter when moving in far corners in GC with classic calibration .

psomieres.gcode (205.8 KB)

I believe the problem is that the cam program never assigned a positioning mode (i.e, included G90 or G91 in the file). Webcontrol does a lot of things that ground control doesn’t and one of those things depends upon having positioning mode set in the gcode… since G90 or G91 is missing, it crashes. This came up before and I forgot about addressing it and just defaulting it to G90. I recommend editing the gcode and inserting G90 at the beginning of the file and then let me know if this resolves your other problems as well. The next release will address this.

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I will try that. the most annoying problem is the pause and resume issue.
no mater what I cannot resume a cut job.(tried with 5 different jobs with exactly the same result)
as for chain tension in corners have you came across my assumption? (tighter chains in GC)
what is your opinion for the preferable program to use GC or WC?

The pause/resume button needs the G90/G91 code in the gcode to function properly. As for WebControl vs. ground control… I am biased, but will say I wrote web control because of lack of ability/features in ground control.

I’m not sure what you mean…

I just switched to web control and holey calibration and I love it.
It was easy to install, and I finally found a good use for my son’s Pi :wink:

One thing I noticed, I switched also to top fed chains lately and submitted that change in the ‘advanced settings’ but web control seems to be pretty regularly resetting it to ‘bottom’ fed and then I have to remember to reset it manually. Any way to make the change more permanent?

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