Dovetail Jig Board

I have an old, hand-me-down skilsaw table saw (not the new wormdrive table saw, I wish) and wanted to make a jig to square up some small live edge, rough cut boards. After thorough research on giggle, as @mooselake calls it, I found the Microjig dovetail clamps. Problem was I had to make dovetails and maslow was my answer since I dont have another base for my one and only router.
Sketched up my svg on inkscape

Opened in makercam and worked up my operations including a 3/8 inch depth follow path with 2 spiral up 1/4 bit followed by tool change to the dovetail bit set 3/8 inch on a single pass.
Since I only have 1/2 inch material right now i made a matching 1/2 inch thick board and runner on makercam to glue to the underside of the dovetail board.


Looks really sharp, and I think I know how it works… would love to see it in action if you have a chance.

Thanks for sharing!

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I’m not sure I understand what’s happening. What are the clamps doing? I have not see a clamp that looks like that. On the under side it looks like you have a runner that will fit in a table saw slot. What does the whole piece do? I read that it is to square up live edge board but i still can’t put the whole picture together. Sorry, fairly new to wood working if this is obvious

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@Dustcloud will be sure to share!!
@ScrumdyBum maybe this will help.
Hard if not impossible to put an irregular shape against a fence to square up and no easy way that Ive found to clamp on a jig until I found them

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Ohhh thats awesome! Dovatails with the maslow or was that glued?

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Dovetails were made with maslow!! Two boards, 12”x 17”x1/2”. Top board had the dovetail grid and was glued atop the board with the inset rail

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If cant save and open in makercam maybe this will work (1.8 KB)

Here are the svg’s saved in makercam w toolpaths. Can change up if needed (slot in my old table saw is smaller than most.)

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Love it, i could make of those for my makita clamps.


Too cool! Adding this to the list.


I just found these clamps today - they are marked Discontinued on amazon :frowning:

The idea is way cool

Thank you

Wow couldnt believe it!!! Was ordering a couple more this week, so just checked. Good on my end

By the way, the iot power relay worked like a charm. Had to dab a dot of hot glue on the backside of pcb to jumper wires (thanks, never did that before) couldnt find my solder!! Only had to toggle auto spindle on in advanced settings and worked perfectly (spindle and vacuum on/off… Will post vid and info on that thread. Thanks Again @Bee !!!