Dust Collection shroud

Does anyone have a 3d design for a dust collection shroud for the Maslow4?

Nevermind… I found wjwnz had posted an STL for this exact thing. Thank you!


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Does anyone here have the parametric files for the dust shroud?

I see some opportunities for improvement and smoothing of the design and I am having issues modifying the STL due to the number of triangles and complexity of the surfaces.

I have those :grinning:

Dust Hose 40mm (Festool).step (344.2 KB)
Dust Hose 1.5-.step (342.8 KB)
Dust Hose 1.25-.step (342.4 KB)
Dust Hose 2-.step (350.5 KB)
Dust Hose 2.31in.step (350.5 KB)
Dust Hose 4in.step (309.0 KB)

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Printed and installed. Though the top 2 screws that go over the acrylic don’t seem to lineup and you need longer screws anyway.


Hi Bar, I just wanted to print out the dust shroud 40mm Festool. In the slicer I saw, that there are still the two screw holes which interfere with the acrylic sheet. Could you please remove them. Then I can print it out tommorow and try to cut the first time! (One hour left, that I would start the print before night time.)


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The holes are there, but they are correct now!

They will line up with where the bolts are

First I need to say sorry, I thought all the time the acrylic sheet was too high. All is good, no problems. Sorry for bothering you again…

But another remark, could you please mention in the not shop, that the files are sorted by their outer diameter. I thought it was the inner diameter. So the inner diameter is 4mm smaller then the outer diameter. I printed the wrong shroud.

Thank You