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Hi Guys,

Getting a quote to have some of these things printer, I have no clue about the different materials, what are recommended for these?

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PLA is the basic material, sort of the default in the world of 3D printing and it should be plenty strong for all of those parts.

There’s a quick video here which can walk you through the process:

I’m subscribed to your channel… how did I miss that :rofl:


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I did a bad job publicizing it. I’ll make it more easy to find

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@bar do the anchors come with the kit? If so is it the triangle or frogmouth? How about the spindle lock plug?

Nope, none of the 3D printed parts will be in the kit. They were all designed later.

For the anchor points I’ve been using the default wooden frame which doesn’t use them, but the little stopper to make changing the bit easier is super worth it, I use that all the time.

For anyone interested, in NZD the printing worked out at:

$64 - 4 x anchors
$21 - 2 x push buttons
$71 - 2 x dust host manifolds (40mm)

He did have an issue with one of the pieces

In regards the error, I have attached screen shot. The layer height in view is the area in question.

PS says that the object might be reoriented to fix the issue. PS has become picky recently.
I’ll still fix it with Fusion 360.

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replying to myself, for those that amazon wont ship to, the fancy pins are available on Alixpress:

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Good find! Thanks for sharing. They are also cheaper there which is nice.

Morning! I got about six emails over the last 2 days that should likely be going to someone else as this topic is not mine. Just an FYI.

J. Deutschman

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Just collected the parts I had printed. He said all the supports came off cleanly and thought they were well designed.

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Pla will warp in a hot garage or dorect sun light. , best to use abs if you operate cnc in hot area


PLA is the "standard: filament but I highly recommend PETG at the least, ABS or ASA would be even better. If you’re using this outside where it will get UV exposure, ASA is your go to filament.


Thanks for the comments, this will be used in my garage, not in direct sunlight. Temperature in there is highest during the summer, max around 34C. Will see how we go :slight_smile:

Will only be hotter if the boys ramp up the log burner :grinning:

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