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E-Stop or STOP NOW aux input

Ok, so I though this was posted somewhere but can’t seem to find an answer. I thought that there was support in the arduino/shield and frimware for an E-STOP or STOP NOW aux input. I have an E-stop string with SSR’s but want an additional command to the Arduino to stop the program.

FYI, I’m using WebControl. Would also be happy if this was handled by the GPIO of the Raspberry PI. I just need need the GCODE to pasuse or stop in response to an external input.

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it could be coded similar to the stop when using the z axis zero IO pin. I don’t think there is a stop command setup to be wired though. Would need to be added.

Thanks. I was hoping to be able to kill power to the vacuum and router via an E-Stop that interupts the relay energize command from the Arduino. I have aux contacts on the E-Stop that I was shoping I could use to also issue a STOP to the controller because I didnt want to just kill power to the controller. I might push forward with your work on the Wii and pushbittons and execute this through the PI instead.

the rpi stop button sends the stop command text to the arduino and works pretty well, which is how I set it up. generally speaking, if you have to stop, you lose your cut, so I use pause and resume rather than stop. Stop is only used before cutting starts if it needs to be repositioned. Otherwise, an emergency power down will require a chain reset.

A pause would be what im looking for then.

This brings up something else im a little confused by. In webcontrol, there is a gpio configuration menu. In this menu there are options to configure various i/o parameters. What are these for exactly and what can i do with them?

that setting lets you use the pi GPIOs for all sorts of different things, and
there should be an e-stop/pause in the options there.

David Lang

@dlang, so I should be able to just use those functions, assigned to the respective gpio to achieve what I am looking for then?