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Hardware "STOP NOW" button?


Another suggestion for using one of the Aux pins.

When my Maslow messes up, it’s usually because the chain fouled and gets tangled in itself. When this happens, I need to do three things.

  1. Stop the chain from getting worse
  2. hit the “Hold” button (but the machine keeps going until the end of the current command)
  3. Stop the router from cutting while it’s out of position.

This requires me to be in three places at once.

Could we wire up a hardware button (BIG RED button, preferably :P) to immediately STOP the current command, power off the spindle (if we add that function), and the dust collection (if that’s there too).

This would stop anything from getting worse, and means you can take your time fixing the things, without fear of messing up your Maslow or current cut.

Maslow Electronics Wiring Diagram for Aux Outputs
Emergency stop input, Suggested addition to future update

I made some design decisions with exactly this in mind. If you cut power to the 12 volt supply for the motors, the router and the dust collector with an inline emergency stop button everything will stop, but the arduino which is powered from the computer won’t so you won’t loose position

I’ve seen some links to extension cords with a built in stop button, but I couldn’t find one right now so if anyone else has the link pass it along!


That’s a good starting point :slight_smile: And is in fact what my wife did while I was juggling chain and (running!) router. I’ll look for a better place for the extension so I can get to it from the front of the machine in future :slight_smile:


I seem to remember someone posting a link to an emergency stop button, but reviewing the old forums, I don’t see it. If anyone (particularly the original poster) remembers it, please repost.


There are a large number of estop switches listed on eBay (I’ve used up my spares and ordered a couple more, at a dollar or two each) and likely lots on Amazon.

I ordered a 22mm 4 switch box, a latching power switch, and a couple gadgets to fill it. Will post pix when they finally arrive.

Good news you can drop the 12v power and have it work as expected. Wiring it will be a bit of a pain since the 12v laptop supply takes a while after unplugging to drop it’s output.


currently on sale for $29.99 instead of $39.99


Another choice


This one handles up to 2HP/35 Amps.


Thanks, @dlang, @mooselake, @blurfl, all of these have been added to the wiki. I’d also like to shout out to @mrfugu, who has been doing a great job expanding and maintaining the wiki!


I found this on ebay:
Stop Switch
It can power off different contactors (different voltages) to turn off as many items as necessary.


per: , the router takes (or can take) 11a of power (assuming that would be at its highest resistance/highest speed.)

I think a 10a breaker is probably a-ok, in fact if anyone has a ‘kill-a-watt’ or similar current metering handy, it might be a good idea to get ‘typical’ startup/operating current numbers in order to tune this automatic safety switch a little bit more. (ie: if we should recommend >10a or if it could be lower, and serve as a simple failsafe for obviously inappropriate ‘feeds and speeds’)


I’ve posted this in another thread, but it is pertinent to this discussion. It is a way of powering several devices through the use of a contactor. I originally made this for powering up and down all the pumps and lights in a grow room. A small timer can thus control much larger amperages than it could normally handle. Plug in all the AC devices into the power strip (spindle power source, dust collector, etc.) and then wire in the Big Red Button. Hope this helps.
Contactors for Dummies


The 3 for $10 40A SSRs, eStop switch, and 4 22mm hole box have arrived, as always the misc parts are still on the boat. SSR for router and vac, eStop to cut the 12v power and kill all movement instantly. In the $10 range for everything, will post pics when it’s all here.


Be sure to include a schematic …


Will do, but it’s simple. Mains AC through power switch, 12VDC through the eStop, One or two SSRs to whatever aux pins the future firmware mods use. Suitable exclosure to keep the ssr(s) from inquisitive fingers. Hardest part will be digging out the 5.5/2.1 jack and plug to route the DC without cutting the laptop supply wires. Moose are electronics part packrats, guess that’s what attracts the swamp rats


That’s definitely what attracts the swamp rats. They are wire connoisseurs. Know for a fact they love the taste of Benz wiring harnesses… “Wow so surprised your car isn’t Cajun style Blackened already” type of action.


Up here they like Saturn’s, chew up the wiring and die inside the heater fan.

Went to fire it up after the daughter spent a year in the Czech Republic :frowning:️ Next time left a tray of swamp rat bait under the seat; dog ate it. $200 trip to the vet (fortunately warfarin, which has an antidote). Glad to see that car leave


warfrin??? so it caused them to drop BP like stone in water and drown… Is the antidote a saltlick?


It’s an anticoagulant, they lose their clotting factors and bleed out. The antidote is vitamin K.

They call it Coumadin too, give it to people in lower doses. See it a lot in people with atrial fib.


Ah I see how a anticoagulant would be different than a thinner… If you wanna give them all osteoporosis :thinking: