Easel missing tabs

Hello. I am having a problem with tabs and Easel. On Easel the tabs are there but when the G-code is exported to ground control the tabs have disappeared and the work falls down when the cut is made. I have altered the depth of the cut, the length and the height of the tabs and have reduced/ increased the number of tabs all to no avail. Any thoughts? Thanks

… why don’t use Estlcam?
With Estlcam you can set the starting point on the top of each object! At least this would avoid, that the object is damaged by the router …

Or just use it, to set tabs …

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Never heard of it mate. Is it a software like easel? Cheers

Hey … download it from here: http://www.estlcam.de/ … Software is in German/English … easy to use, but there are even some great youtube tutorials, in case you run into trouble!