Easel beginner help

Quick question for you Easel Pro’s. When I select a line segment, I don’t see an option to cut inside or outside. Tried paying the $3 to upgrade to pro, but still not seeing it. Am I missing something here?

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Not a ‘pro’, but I’m pretty sure that Easel only offers ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ for closed shapes, and lines always cut on the line.

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That is my understanding also

I am having the issue with closed shapes as well. Also, is it possible to adjust tab location? I’m really liking easel over makercam, but it seems to be a couple options short of doing what I need.

Drop a circle on the screen. There should be a box with two tabs on it. One to select depth and type of cut and tabs. tabs only show if full depth cuts. they show as yellow and you can add more or less and move them. the second tab will place your circle on your field in the x y, and size and angle your object.


Do you see where it says “fill” on the right side menu when you have a closed shape selected? Click the box to the left of that (I think titled Outline) and it should expand outward with 3 options, On Path, Inside, and Outside.

When you set an object to cut to the max available depth (which will match what you set your material depth as) it will turn black and the “use tabs” option will come up in that same menu box as the depth and shape adjustments. As Blsteinhauer88 said, you can then adjust the number of tabs, their height and width, and the tabs will appear yellow on the drawing area. Click and hold on the yellow tab and drag it along the shape edge to move it which you will likely want to do, as it seems to default them to corners often which is bad for manually cutting out and sanding after.