Easel - turn router on/off

I have started using Easel, and it doesn’t seem to support turning the router on and off (even when enabling spindle control which includes speed, but maybe not power). Is there a way to enable this in Easel, or do I need to manually add to the gcode?

easiest way is to put a microswitch at the top of z axis movement so router turns off when all the way up. this is assuming you are using a cbeam or other z axis vs the Ridgid router body

by default the maslow does not include turning the router on and off.

David Lang

It worked fine for things made in Makercam. But not in Easel.

Garrett - did you ever figure this out? I am wondering the same thing about easel. I haven’t attempted to insert the command manually in gcode, but I assume that, like me, you have a relay connected to the Arduino that powers the router?

Yes, actually it just started to work, on its own. I do not know what was different (it is hard to keep track - I only have an opportunity to use the Maslow every few weeks). But at least it works.

Yes, I use the relay connected to the motor shield.

I just posted a similar question before finding this thread. Did you ever discover what made it start working for you? My Easel generated GCode files aren’t doing it for me.


Never found out why. It just started working again.

This is probably why - I hadn’t notice that setting before (I’m just learning) and had it set to Manual. When set to Automatic, it inserts M03 at the start and M05 at the end.

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