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EasyRider Maslow C-Beam Sled - Linear Motion

Anybody here interested in feasibility testing of the kit shown here:

Note to administrators, this is not a ‘sale’ link, the page demonstrates the possibilities of the EasyRider CNC kit including attaching to a Maslow style Frame.

This won’t be an overnight thing for anybody interested, there will be communications between us to establish who you are and what you do, if you have time to complete the assembly and testing, reviewing to do and most importantly reporting back with comments and feedback and I will of course provide further feedback on the features of the kit and why I have designed it.

Drawback alert!!!
You have to pay for the parts plus shipping. Parts will be given at cost price though, with the promise that should any gantry plates need changing they will be supplied free of cost, with only shipping charges to pay. Electronics would be provided by you, this is a mechanical kit only.

Ideally I would like to hand this project to somebody who uses their Maslow on a regular basis but wants to upgrade to something that is more accurate overall AND has the time to test this kit.

Anybody interested should PM/DM me in the first instance.




I’m interested and would like to get in touch with you. Currently owning the new Maslow M2 full setup with a makita router. Do you have an e-mailadress for me to establisch contact?

Hi please email