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Emergency Cut-Off Switch + Power Board

OK - So as per a comment of mine some time ago I finally made and fitted an Emergency Cut-Off switch, along with an integrated power board.

Here it is after fitting the switches, but before wiring up.

I had some ‘fun and games’ cutting this 5.2mm ply, not the least of which was a loss of calibration (home) midcut. So I had to start again after recalibration and line everything up by eye (about 2mm off). Plus my current router isn’t working out as well as I’d hoped.

And this is it wired up (and tested):

The light dimmer gives me really good speed control over the router. And with it I can switch back to the smaller router (that doesn’t have speed control), but otherwise seems to be better quality.


Smart idea with the light dimmer!

I actually got it from a youtube video, where the man in the video had mounted the router upside-down to make a router table - and obviously couldn’t get at the speed control.

The funny thing is that the speed control on my current router is literally the same circuit (same components) as what is in the light dimmer.

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note that on the default router, that is not the case, it’s an electronic
control that maintains a set speed (so as the router bogs down, it applies more

David Lang

That would be correct.

In my setup as the router bogs down, I slightly rotate the speed control to apply more power, kinda like the electronics, but more touchy feely :smiley:

And there’s also the fact that I don’t get reliable power out here, so sometimes it’s necessary to crank things up when there’s a bit of an extended brown out.

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