Router speed / issues

After reading @dlang 's post on generating chips, not dust, I have a question regarding my router. It works, meaning when turned on, it spins, but several weeks ago the speed control quit working, so it turns on at the lowest possible speed: unknown. The good news is that it is now super quiet. Much quieter than I remember the lowest speed being, but likely the lowest speed. I prefer using 1/8" bits. It struggles to cleanly cut plywood faster than 550 mm/min. Ideally 750 mm/min is where i’d like it to run. It cuts mdf 5 mm deep at 550 mm/min ok, but it sometimes vibrates really badly and the bit chatters roughing up the edge. I’m also wondering if running at essentially idle speed is wearing the brushes significantly (I can see brush sparks inside. Should I drop the $60 and buy the replacement speed control? Are the Maslow speed limitations based on configuration as well as software constraints: I mean does the sled vibration dampening, or lack thereof compared with a gantry-mounted spindle limit bit feed rate? With the router slowed down dramatically, I hear very different feed-rate dependent noises. I’ll make a video tomorrow when it runs next. I’d really appreciate any additional insight.

Which router do you have? $60 seems a bit high for a speed controller.

Hitachi M12VC. The speed controller is an integrated rotary knob inside the top of the router. It was $54 + shipping last I checked. I’m thinking since I built the meticulous z axis I might shop for a different one because I can cut a new mounting bracket. It is running in the triangular and holey calibration videos I posted earlier this week.

It’s not still under warranty? I don’t know that i’d replace a part that costs nearly half as much as a new one if the product is more than 5 years old.Also looking at the amazon reviews, i see the speed controller is a thing that fails on a regular basis. :frowning:

The router was $180 new and I’ve had it for 6 years, though I have only used it off an on over the years. It has a plunge and fixed base set with follower mounts and 1/2" and 1/4" shaft collets. It is 2.25 horse. I am pretty sure it is not under warranty, but it is in very good condition having been housed in its carry case all this time until mounted to Maslow. I’ll probably do something if it stops working.

Yes, the warranty is only 5 years. The new version (metabo rebranded) is $129.97 on amazon.

If it was me, I might just buy a new one, and use the old one as a parts machine… as long as the speed controller doesn’t fail on the new one as well (although you do get a 5 year warranty). Either that or go with the ridgid and it’s lifetime warranty, the main issue with the ridgid is it’s depth control, and you seem to have that fixed with your meticulous mount.

I hadn’t read reviews on a router I already own, but I decided to ask my friend google about it and found this:
apparently you can use a $15-$20 harbor freight speed control with it and while you lose the soft start feature, it will provide speed control. Apparently the low-end speed is 8000 rpm, so it is probably on the low side of quality use with a 2 flute upcut 1/8" bit.

If I buy a new one, I’ll get a palm router or a spindle. The weight on this one at 11 lbs. makes the sled tipsy.