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Error message during uploading Arduino


During uploading cnc_ctrl_v1/Arduino 1.8.7 I have the following message:
Maslow h: No such file or directly.
Kindly help.


Is’t has been often the sign that the firmware is not un-zipped/unpacked to it’s separate folder.
It will not load if you try it from within a compressed file.


Thank you for your prompt reply.
I am using Winrar software.
Is it better to use winzip?


Both should work, at what location are you extracting the firmware to?
In the arduino software you should see all the modules at the top.


Thank you.
Now I have reached calibration action.
When trying to use chain to measure distance between the motors, the motors is not working.
Kindly help.


Is the power plug connected to the motor-shield and NOT to the arduino mega? Happened to all of us :slight_smile:


Yes it is connected correctly.
i really do not know what is going wrong.


A screen shot of GC (GroundControl) when it starts would perhaps help. Does it show a connection to the board and report the board versin and FW and GC version when you start GC?


To exclude things I have up to one hour. Report back please.

  • In the Arduino IDE (Arduino software) connected to the Mega, click on the magnifying glass (top/right) and report back if it looks like this after you set the ‘baud’ to 57600 (red)?

Edit: GC should greet you with a ‘connected’ screen like this: (if on win$ the first line will show a Com-Port rather then my linux port):


Can’t keep up with that hour, but since we cover almost all time-zones , I expect a couple of replies in the morning :honeybee:


GroundControl as seen when opened not connected.
i am working with the requirements of other message and will come back to you soon.


After modifying the baud, I have the following:
PE: 0.00,0.00,127
MPos & WPos are all with zero value.


So you have uploaded the firmware successfully!
Check your port in the bottom right. Close the Arduino software and give a few seconds before opening GC. In GC click on -> actions and then on ->ports and choose the same port that you used to upload the firmware.
Click -> connect.
GC should now show a ‘connected’ and report like in the picture above.


Thank you.
It is connected.
Motor is working.
But the screen has slight difference.
It is not included:
Position Loaded at
and all the numbers is Zero.


Great news! Let us know how the calibration goes.


Everything go smoothly but the distance between motors = -12.7 mm
I have tried several times but the result is almost same.
there for the message “the correct calibration procedure for your machine in being generated”
Kindly help.


Read this post completely… I suspect you aren’t doing this step correctly… don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first:


Thank you.
What is the meaning of “hook the third link on the right motor…”.
After using “pull chain tight and measure button” the chain become tight for a second and make a sound and has some slack again, so is this normal and how can take the measurement in this case?
Measurement from which points?
Is there is a way to be sure that the machine cancel the old figures, or this not important?


The picture in the bottom right corner of that message is showing the “third link” hooked to the top of the right motor. The most important thing to take away from the instructions is that you cannot manually lay the chains across between the two motors and then hit measure. You must put the chain on the left motor as shown in the left picture and then hit “extend” button repeatedly to have the left motor feed out enough chain to get it to attach to the right motor, as shown in the right picture, which then results in the machine looking like the middle picture. Only then can you press “Pull Chain Tight and Measure”.


In GroundControl what is the Rotation Radius.