Estimated time for maslow to engine turn 4x4' sheet of metal

One of the first projects I plan to do is put a buffing pad on the router and make engine turn sheet metal. Getting a company to make this pattern typically adds about $200 to the cost of the sheet metal.

is there anyway to estimate the time it would take to “drill” holes on 1" centers on a 50x50" piece of metal = 2500 “holes”
above weblink shows photo of what I want to do.


That pattern has an amazing 3D appearance! Where do the vertical lines come from? Maybe the next step is to try some guilloche?

If the size works you could use a collet and drill bit instead of a router bit or endmill. I’d guess a split point bit would work best without walking, worth a try. I might be biased, found an old bucket of drill bits and have been sharpening and splitting them on the also old Drill Doctor. Slowly…

The slow z could be the limiting factor, maybe try a 3x3 test drill to get some actual numbers. You’d do 2550+ inches of actual X and Y travel, at 25ipm that’s at least an hour forty if your CAM program actually optimizes travel. Could make for a long day, but at least it won’t charge you by the hour.

In part it will depend on how much time each disc takes to buff. Will the buffer wear, and need more time for each disc?
I’d take care that the sled doesn’t leave tracks dragging across the finished discs.
That would be a very neat thing to add to the list of Maslow functions, though!