Speed rate help

Hi there I have 28 shapes to cut out there not square but let’s say they where 300mmx300mm squares. Anyone got a roughy idea how long it would take to cut out of 3/4” ply?
So it would be 134.4m (5291”) to travel including 4 passes to cut through, plus Time to make 3 tabs a square.
Not sure what bit to use yet but a bit you would recommend for quickest cleanest cut that wouldn’t need replacing until maybe 5 sheets. Is that possible?
Many thanks in advance I’m really hoping this can help me with the hundreds of templates I need to route by hand. In UK, anyone bought the kit off Amazon? What’s it like?

Running at 600mm/min => 60cm / min => 0,6m / min means roughly 230 minutes for the 134 meters. In my experience, I would calculate with a full day of work. But you can get a good idea, by putting your data into easel, and let it simulate it for you. The simulated time is roughly 50-60% of the time that I will need.

Four passes means you cut with a depth of 5mm. My maximum successful depth was 3mm per path.

Just my 0.02€ on this. Keep in mind, I work very slow.

EDIT: Just put your data into Easel, and Easel tells me, at 700mm/min and 3mm depth, it takes 12 minutes for a single 300mm square with three tabs.