First real project with my maslow!

Here is my first real project, well, to be clear, my first BIG project. I’ve cut a few small things, but this is part 1 of 2 4x4 sheets for my bartop arcade.

I was happy to see it cut my button holes out perfectly! I knew right then, the cut was going to be a success. Just call it a hunch!

Here she is, just cutting along. Not a care in the world. I have to say, Estlcam is definitely my go-to for cam software now. Just paid the $59 for it. Highly recommend it for those of you struggling with cam software. I love the ease of tabs too.

And let’s fast forward about 2 hours, and here we are! Sheet 1 complete. I only had 1 issue along the way, and that was my bit came out at the top of the left ‘side piece’ of the bartop. I don’t know why my bits keep coming out like that, it happens about once a cut it seems. Maybe I’m not putting it in there right. Any suggestions?

Annnnnd popped out and ready to clean the tabs off. In case you’re wondering why I cut out the places where the blocking goes, it’s because these are actually intended to be templates, so I can cut them out much quicker. I’ll clamp it down, use a tracer bit, then put the blocking in those holes, and remove it and move on to the other side. I’m super happy with this cut. It’s clean, it’s exactly what I designed in sketchup and estlcam, and now it’s sitting in my shop in the real world. Gotta love that!

Tomorrow I’ll do the final pieces, and then put it together. Thanks guys, for all of your help, and thanks Bar and Hannah for making this a reality for me.


Day #2, sheet #2. I was anxious all day at my 9-5. Couldn’t wait to get done so I can go to my shop and get started on this 2nd part of my bartop arcade…

I didn’t get many pics because my phone was on 10%. But I was able to get this one…

So she did a great job on the speaker panel. But let me tell you this… It took 3 hours, just on the holes. Next one, I’ll just make them with slots instead of trying to be all fancy and showing off.

Also, to update on my router bit falling out… It didn’t fall out today. 5 hours total, and it didn’t fall out. Know why? Because I put the collet adapter in correctly this time LOL Live and learn I guess.

Anyway, I’ll post more photos as the build begins. I have a few things I need to do around my shop over the next couple of days, so I probably won’t be able to get to this bartop until the weekend.

If anyone is reading, thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for more!


This is looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see the final results. One of the goals of Maslow is to let everyone learn about using a big CNC so things like playing with the collet adapter are all part of the fun.

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I’m not sure why the speaker holes took 3 hrs. I’d look into that. Maybe a z axis upgrade in the future…

Yea I meant, all the holes in the cut, took a total of 3 hours altogether, not just the speaker panel holes. And you’re right, I need an upgrade. BAD. I’m using the stock Z-Axis setup, and it’s painfully slow at things like these. I ordered a metal sled from MetalMaslow, which should be shipping 10/17 which I’m primarily buying for the Z-Axis upgrade. But I’ve also been looking at other options if I can get my 3D printer working again, I might work on those next.

I would highly recommend the Meticulous Z axis or a derivative of it. I’m using a 3:1 servo:leadscrew ratio on my Z axis and it moves at a reasonable rate. This is a really cool project! Thanks for the pictures!


Thanks SnailPowered! I’ve been in the arcade business for many years, I have some pretty rare original games in my personal collection, so this feels like a natural venture to me!

The Meticulous Z is actually what I’m looking at doing. Was planning on cutting the wood parts for it this weekend actually, and the printed parts, well… I gotta get my printer operational again. Actually, would probably be cheaper just to buy a new one these days. Any tips/advice/recommendations you can offer on that Meticulous Z setup?

I made my own version of the Meticulous Z that didn’t involve a CNC router because I started with a spindle and no router. I went with 200mm travel motion components and have about two inches of actual travel but it is enough for me so far. I think the only directly relevant thing would be that I have no problem recommending the 3:1 ration on the belt drive for Z movement. I know some people have made clamps with their Maslow so getting a printer going isn’t entirely necessary I believe. If you have a question I may be able to answer I’m more than happy!

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@SnailPowered Thank you! I might have to hit you up on it! I’m pretty good with that kinda stuff, I’ve built at least 6 3D Printers, and even helped a friend design one back when it was all so new. But I’m not even sure what to expect from the Meticulous Z haha Good to know there’s someone willing to help. Thank you!